Dear Doms/Aggs/Studs/Bois & Men

Dear Doms/Aggs/Studs/Bois & Men,

Go. get. Her. 
Notice her. Aloud. 
The small things. 
Like she changed her nail color today. 
Ask about her work. 
Ask what she is passionate about. 
Listen when she says something hurts. 
And do something about your part in it. 
Know the difference behind her one word responses or grunts. 
Emotionally penetrate her spirit with something other than confusion and mistrust. 
Be a good memory. 
One that makes her walk in the wrong direction because she's giddy happy. 
Don't just focus on your freedom. 
Focus on hers. 
No one's life dream is to stay at home behind dishes, diapers and numbness. 
Remind her you can hold space for her wildness. 
Because a wild woman will keep you wild too.
Stop waiting on her to make the first move. 
Drop your own insecurities about rejection. 
Stop naval gazing. 
And fully take in this magnificent creation in front of you. 
Dont take her for granted. 
There are an infinite number of lovers who would gladly and firmly take the spot that you only stand in with one foot. 
And yes, they will all be better than you.

Draw Nigh Unto Me // Chap Book // May 1st. // Rashida KhanBey