Are You Playing It Safe? (Audio Blog)

Are you playing it safe?

I started wearing wigs over 10 years ago. What started as a class project turned into an obsession with choice/autonomy/beauty and outrageousness.

There were days when I started the day in a short pixie cut and ended the day in a long flowing blonde style that hit my hips.

It felt so good to have space to decide what felt good for me moment to moment. I have probably owned over 200+ wigs in the last 10 years and slowly but surely I have found the styles I LOVE the most and will wear them more frequently.

Wearing a wig is not necessary. I have a full head of thick hair that can be easily styled. Some days I love to play in my own hair leaving my curls in a natural wash and go or heading to the salon to get my hair blown out. But in all honestly - the space where I feel most alive is when I have found a delicious wig style that lights my eyes up. I know the feeling as soon as I put it on too. My whole mood shifts. Not because I think I look better with a wig and not because I don’t love my hair - what I love about wigs and all things beauty is the outrageousness, the flair, the attention to detail, the not normal or not safeness of the whole experience. Something in me clicks a bit different.

I watched many women in my life while growing up play it safe. Dressing down their curves, not changing their hair color,not wanting to show any skin, never doing their makeup. And while this wouldn’t actually be a problem if it was an empowered choice what I often heard were the complaints about feeling unattractive, undesirable and plain.

The idea of seduction and sensual presence has been twisted in our culture to focus severely on what we do (or don’t do) with our bodies in order to provide pleasure/entertainment/security for someone else. So couple this ideology with the rest of the workload that women have in taking care of kids,home, work and everything else and feeling or being sexy becomes one more job to do and often falls not just to the bottom of the list but off entirely. 

But what if that wasn’t it’s true function? What if connecting to our sensuality was something pleasurable for us first to help us fill our tanks? What if we could just feel good and look good for us and allowed others to witness (or not) the radiance we have ignited in our own lived experience?

There doesn’t have to be a reason to take care of yourself outrageously.... we plunge into our sensual self-care because living a full life is the outrageous reason to feel exquisite in our bodies and lives.

In The Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat we are going to talk about how to allow ourselves more outrageousness and how to make space for this type of bold expression more often in our lives.

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