To The Most Exquisite Leslie Jones.



To The Most Exquisite Leslie Jones.

I appreciate the courage and vulnerability that it took Leslie Jones ( @lesdogggg ) to share her post the other day.

So much of the critique and encouragement that follows tries to wash away the discomfort of being in a particular place in your life. Whether it's feeling disconnected from your body, wanting to find romantic love or wanting to switch jobs i'm sure that at some time we can all relate to that overwhelm and (temporary) defeat.

We are human.

We are complicated.

We have vast emotional range that we should access.

And we should share our pain.

Pretending to have it all together or pretending to be tougher or more unbothered than we actually feel does not serve us or anyone  else at all.

The new age/ self-help industry extremes have hijacked and manipulated us into believing that if we acknowledge the shadows some how they have power over us.

But it's in our willingness to look at the shit and face what causes us discomfort that we find our way back to peace of mind and redirect our focus back to our deepest desires despite the fear.

We can't die in the disappointments.We have to show up to "Yes/And"/ "Both/And"  life. And that's something that I love about this woman's vibrant and infectious smile and spirit. She acknowledged it and keeps moving. That's a sign to me of someone who hasn't given up hope or desire for the life they crave.

So thank you for cutting out the noise and the bullshit and standing bravely in the discomfort. For the hard days, Leslie, because we all  have them, I hope you know that there are a countless number of us who understand. There are countless people who love and admire you. There are countless women rooting for you. I hope you remember you're not in this alone.



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