Letting Movement Feel Fun Again!

This week I have dedicated myself to stepping back into training. I’m unlearning this narrative that I train in order to be smaller. I am training to feel stronger in my body. I am training so I can breathe through a five minute performance. I train because when I find myself disciplined in dance I am a better person for it. More organzied. More present. More courageous.

This week I also had the opportunity to take my friend Kookie Daniel’s “Fishnet & Floorplay” class here in Chicago. It felt so good just be able to dance and not teach, lose myself in the movement and own IT. I realized that outside of my own class I don’t normally show up without many layers. For this class I pushed myself outside of my own comfort zone.

Photo by Miller | Aviator Media Group

Photo by Miller | Aviator Media Group

This song by Lizzo just gives me all the old school vibes and super fun to have your own personal dance party. This week I really want you to focus on letting go of the rules and just giving yourself that minute to slow down and connect with yourself. I hope you all enjoy this week’s practice.