EP 5: Listening To Your Body. Not Forcing Movement.

This month I challenged myself to do something that scared me throughout the month as a way to grow in my confidence and trust in my voice.

I did a gang of stuff this month.

I went to two auditions.

I took new dance classes.

I’ve reached out to more of my friends for those lengthy, long talks and facetimes.

I met up with my good friend for drinks to celebrate life!

I asked my mom more questions about my Dad’s younger years.

We launched our podcast and lingerie store.

AND THEN I did my ultimate hard thing - I tried a new style/flow of choreography for our masterclass last evening. I choose a more fast paced song Lizzo x Juice. We had a great time! The ladies left glowing + tired when class was over.

As we were ending class I could tell something was wrong…and I needed to make a decision quickly.

Check Out Episode 5 of The Deep Breath Series to learn more about what I did next.

The Temptress Masterclass Int/Adv Class Chicago

The Temptress Masterclass Int/Adv Class Chicago

The Temptress Masterclass Beg/Int Class Chicago

The Temptress Masterclass Beg/Int Class Chicago

Step into the world of The Temptress Masterclass.

A space where you can move freely in your body at your own pace.

There are no rules.

There is no right or wrong.

A space to explore movement.

A space to unwind & release.

A space to focus on you.

Join me for The Temptress Masterclass.

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Temptress Testimonial

Temptress Testimonial