Releasing Tension From The Neck

It’s been a full week for many of you all I am certain. I know it has been for me. So many tasks to complete,ideas flowing and just good energy in the air.

Many women come to me saying they don’t have time to slow down. I understand. Work,family,health, friends and trying to juggle being social can also feel overwhelming. That’s why I recommend starting small and finding small spaces to move your body. -Maybe you’re in the shower
-Just waking up in bed
-In the bathroom stall at work -In the car before work

Just somewhere and start here with this simple exercise to release tension in the neck.

Yes- we are all busy. But my assignment to you is to find ONE MINUTE just one and do this gentle neck roll. That’s it. If we cannot find one then we need to re-evaluate. I do not say this to shame you for not having support. I’m saying if you’re stretched to the max mentally,emotionally,physically and time wise then you’re heading towards burn out FAST. Your radiance is crucial to your well being,success and pleasure. Let’s find those slips of time together where you’ll unwind.

If you’re really wanting to make big space for yourself this week put on a song you like and do this exercise for 3-5 minutes and join me for my digital course Deliberately Sexy.

Learn How To : 

  • Feel an unconditional love for yourself even on the days when you don't feel your sexiest

  • Create a deeper connection with your body

  • Reclaim the narrative around your sexuality 

  • Stop believing if you just change one more thing about yourself that you'll be worthy of love

  • Get back to that woman in you that's clear about what she wants and how she wants it. And isn't afraid to ask for it

    We’ll do this by building a self-care practice & moving our bodies in dance to help you feel strong, radiant and confident. Head to the link below to join us!