The Deliberately Sexy Online Course

Radical Healing. Self-Care. Embodied Pleasure.

A digital self-reflection workshop designed to guide you in reclaiming the narrative around your erotic self so you can feel sovereign over your sexuality, confident and intentionally embody pleasure in your life.

Through a combination of erotic movement, visual history mapping and sensory exploration we will create new pathways for pleasure being an integral piece to our self-care, healing and joy. This course seeks to ask the question: How have you drawn towards or away from the erotic self based on the cultural narrative that being “sexy” is inferior to being intelligent, wise or completely avoidant to prioritizing pleasure as a necessity in your life?

Many of us can attest to hearing conversations around sexuality laden with stigma and shame. Through Deliberately Sexy we will envision and manifest a reality in our own lives that makes space for pleasure as a practice of thriving. This course is less about the mechanics of sex and more focused on how we can experience of the energy being in an orgasmic state as a tool for our own healing, self-care and embodiment of pleasure.

This cultural disconnection to our erotic self has left us grappling with:

  • Performative sex that leaves us unsatisfied and solely focused on the needs of our partner(s)

  • A disconnection to intimacy beyond physical sex that could fuel and feed our spirit

  • repeating similar cycles of sacrifice, shrinking and/or hiding in romantic partnership and life

  • Uncertain how to ask for what we desire and not setting clear boundaries

  • Unclear of our vision for our pleasure and ultimately putting ecstasy in the hands of someone else

When you join The Deliberately Sexy Retreat you’ll learn:

  • Release: Old narratives and stories that limit the way you have experienced your erotic self.

  • Reconnect: To the body in a way that feels affirming for you. Taking the focus off of performing sensuality and shifting into connecting for our own gaze and desire.

  • Revel: A new reality and narrative where pleasure is integral to our aliveness and lived experience.