your erotic self is holy and integral to your aliveness.

- Rashida KhanBey



This film is dedicated to people who are struggling with the grips of depression and wondering if there is a way out. In Let Go and Let God she finds her release through dance. The movement stirs her soul to the point where it brings her back to life and she makes a commitment to live again, to take back her power and move forward walking in the joy that God intended her to have for her life. 

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Michelle (Rashida KhanBey) & Adrienne (Dontrella McDonald) fell in love four years ago. While deeply in love, the mundane energy of their day to day routines doesn't always leave room for that "first year passion". Things have gotten a bit tense at home and they both feel like they are drifting in different directions.

One night they make a decision to switch up their normal routine. We come in on the night when everything changes - they drop their guards, shut out all the doubts, make space to reconnect and create a night to remember.