Photo by Miller of Aviator Consulting

Photo by Miller of Aviator Consulting

Rashida KhanBey Miller (RASHI) / She/Her

Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Somatic Movement & Pleasure Researcher and Creator of The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method. The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is a somatic movement & sensuality practice designed to help femme identified people reconnect to their bodies, ignite self-confidence and take ownership over their sensual and erotic selves as integral to their aliveness, radiance and joy in life.

Rashida has been training in dance and theatre for over twenty years studying ballet, jazz,contemporary,lyrical and receiving her BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2008 she launched The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method. In 2014 she went on to create her first mico film “Sex Is A God Thing” and 2015 her second film, produced by OpenTV “Let Go & Let God”. In 2017 her first film received over 22 million views across various social media platforms/channels catapulting her teaching and performance career forward into a two year tour across the US hosting intensives with women around sacred sexuality, confidence and self-care. In 2018 she received The Black Harvest Film Festival Creators Grant to assist with production of her forthcoming web series Sex Is A God Thing which is set to premiere at the 25th anniversary of the festival in 2019 in Chicago,IL.

Rashida works with women of diverse backgrounds from all around the globe through online courses, live in-person retreats and trainings. If you've been craving to find a way to take more time to fill up your own tank, release stress, rediscover that woman in you that is uninhibited and audacious and truly own your desires for your life then you want RASHI for this experience. Her courses are not your average dance experience - RASHI guides you into living in your most open,vulnerable and honest self. You will walk out of these class experiences feeling like a different woman.  This community fervently dances through the doubt, tension, fear,lies,discomfort so we can truly come home to our most radiant and alive self in every area of our lives. 

No more hiding.

No more holding it in. 

No more sitting on the sidelines of life.

No more dying in the disappointments.

It's time to move. 

See you on the dance floor.  

Connect with RASHI on Instagram @rashidakhanbeymiller