After this retreat you will stop doubting that there is something unique and powerful about YOU. You’ll stop believing and allowing yourself to shape shift into anything other than exactly who you are in order to gain the approval of someone else. I know that you are going to walk away from this experience with something invaluable and that’s a renewed sense of confidence in your voice and your presence.

You’ll feel desirable wihtout a stitch of makeup on. You won’t keep beating your body up because of this stretch mark or that extra few pounds you gained. Your relationship to your body will feel intuitive and gentle knowing that you can love yourself into the changes you desire instead of living in this constant cycle of punishment & guilt.

You’re going to walk away with the courage and peace of mind to end that relationship that no longer serves your happiness or growth.

You’re going to stop allowing your job to pile on the work load without increasing your salary or redefining your title to match the work you are producing.

You’re going to feel that sense of curiosity and allow yourself to go on that date you’ve been putting off. You know now that divorce does not equate to been a failure and you deserve to try again.

You’re going to feel a sense of awakened a new energy in your body and feel comfortable allowing your partner to see you naked emotionally and physically for the first time in months - maybe years - and the way you all make love will be toe curling and satisifying for you both.

And most importantly you’re going to walk away knowing that no matter what- your worthiness of love can never be taken away from you in the world. This is the most invaluable lesson of them all.

Do you want to experience that? Then I want to invite to apply for The Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat September 26th-29th 2019 in San Rafael,California. Hit the link below to start your application.