First I want to tell you what a transformative experience I had today.   I feel more open, available and more myself than I have felt in decades.  You are an extremely powerful healer, and I feel awed by your work.  It felt sacred; I felt like the Goddess I am, and have some tools to recreated that reality in my daily life.  I can’t thank you enough. We were all there longing for the same thing.  You connected us and helped us know that we had experience, pains, joys. That, in itself, was healing. 

-Dyanna, Oakland


Let me first say your workshop truly rebooted my SEXY, the community you were able to create in such a short time was incredible to witness and be apart of. 

-Destiny, Oakland


So...what can I say about yesterday? Hmmm. Idk where to begin! It was truly empowering and full of love and emotion for me. The workshop was phenomenal! I felt uninhibited and free! It was something that I definitely needed to kick start the rebirth of me.

-Ericka, New York


Thank you for the work you do. Your more than just a dancer you have a unique gift of healing through movement and reflection. I week before I even knew about the class I made a vision board to help me be clear about the intentions I wanted just for me one of the words that ended up on the board was reclaim and then I seen your video I saw a person who sparkled and it made me wonder what happened to my sparkle I realised that with all I do I had forgotten that I was important too and that it's okay for me to not be super woman and vulnerability is not a sign of weakness in my small leap of faith to get out of my comfort zone made me see that when I'm feeling" stuck" all I have to do is move . Thank you for giving me tools for my

self care toolbox you were a blessing to me


-Danyel, New York


"I just have to let you know that I left class tonight feeling so damn sexy. I'm a Type A person. I like lists and order. Pragmatism is my shit. But this class? None of that matters. And it's fucking beautiful and dope. I step into the dim red light and I'm reminded that there's no thinking my way through the moves and stretches. There's only doing, being, loving, touching, trying. There's only joy in the journey. There's only my body, my peace, my pleasure, my confidence. Why worry about my stretch marks and what people might think and being perfect? Why worry at all?

Your class? This experience? It's the freedom every woman deserves. It's the sensuality every woman should hold dear. It's intimacy and self-love personified. 
Thank you!"


Sometimes in life you have experiences that you didn't realize you needed. When I say needed I mean you left the place or situation feeling changed, different or stronger. This was the case for me after the reclaiming your sexy retreat. I cried, laughed, danced and took back apart of me that was lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'm normally a mom, wife, daughter, friend, social worker, but that night I was an empowered and sexy woman. It was a spiritual encounter! Something comparable to church in that you need to regularly be fed to stay full. If I was able I would make this a weekly occurrence. Thank you Rashida for allowing us to be ourselves safely and learn things about our capabilities we may not have learned otherwise.


[The Retreat] was absolute healing erotic energy today. Feeling so optimistic after sweating and releasing shame. Take a class!! I’m still on authentic self-created energy that I got from the space, Rashi’s gentle encouragement and guidance provided the e perfect guidance to help me unravel what had been burdening me for a while to feel genuinely connected to my body, joy, and self. Thank you Rashi , it was true magic.

— Tonya

“ The class was awesome for getting me out of my head. I liked that the routine was easy to follow and I loved the drumming! The discussion following class was great because I got to hear other’s experiences and realize I wasn’t the only one going through similar things.”

— Courtney

“The workshop with Rashida was amazing. Working through an unhealthy self image is no easy task, but being in a space where I am free to love and encouraged to love the person I am in that moment at that time was a great help. It helped transform my mind to see me for me, and not allow my past experiences tell me who I am. I would truly recommend that anyone who has body shame associated with their past experiences take this workshop"

— Lauren


“Rashi is AMAZING! I had a private session with her and I have NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin. Ladies, if you are looking for a way to express yourself, to and to really get to the center of you then I suggest you book a session TODAY! You will not regret it!

— Annonymous


I have to tell you this. Woke up next to my man this morning. I took EVERYTHING OFF...made love, and laid there with not even a blanket....this is BIG...I am usually so quick to cover my body, but I still felt myself on a high from last night and all I heard was revel in the moment! I did just that..

— Anonymous


“I never knew how out of touch I was with my body until I came to class. As women, we are so in tune with the latest news, fashion trends, gossip [but] we never become in tune with our own bodies, our psyche, our woman-ness. Perhaps because we are so critical of ourselves we miss the true essence that makes ‘this woman’. That dying fire becomes reignited with the freedom to move w/o judgement - just sincere moment for self. Empowering other women who can support from [each other] from the same ‘road less traveled’. Either way, I am safe and at peace finally moving to my own breath.

- Rebecca