It doesn't matter if you forget the steps. When was the last time you heard your dance teacher say that? You’ll hear me say it often when you come to class. I find that people dance with more soul and more enthusiasm when they can trust and discover their own rhthym. In this sensual moving meditation class for lovers of dance and professional performing artists, you’ll learn my unique approach to restoring your body after a long day of work and how to tap into your sensual expression through movement to release stress, reconnect to your confidence and reveal that inner Temptress. All classes are open those who identify as womxn and non-binary.

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UNLEASHED The Mastermind

What’s the story you tell yourself about your life? Are you proud of it? Do you find yourself shrinking away from the things you love? Making excuses for not seeing your friends? Embarrassed to tell your girls how many times ya’ll have talked about couple’s counseling….divorce? Craving to reclaim all the parts of your life and let’s not forget your orgasm…while also doing the work you want to do in the world. Might seem like more than you can bear. I’m here to tell you that you are insane + genius UNLEASHED is an invitation to rewrite your story as your own and show up for a life that’s in alignment with your vision, pleasure, rest and success.

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Production Services

Each year I work with artists and ensembles to bring dyanmic stories to life. I offer customized solutions that include visual directing, choreography,intimacy coordination, ensemble building and producing for stage, film and tv.

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