I know you.

You are the type of woman who is used to doing it all.

You are a rock for everyone around you.

You are the go-to person for everything.

That’s why, even though you HATE it, you always end up putting yourself at the very end of your to-do list, if you can manage it all.

That’s why even though it frustrates you, you find yourself struggling to do the BASIC things. Getting your hair done...polishing your nails, instead of awesome things you do to take care of yourself, they just feel like things you don’t have time to do.

On top of all that, you haven’t felt sexy in what feels like forever, you live in comfy sweats and baseball caps because you don’t have much time for anything else.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

Picture going to the salon and spending a few hours pampering yourself without feeling guilty that you are missing something or someone is going to be left behind.

Imagine feeling SEXY...the way you did when you were in college or and high school and put in the effort to really look your best and FEEL your best.

Imagine putting yourself first....and not worrying that the world is going to fall apart if you do.

Can you picture it? It’s not some pie-in-the-sky dream. It’s possible. 

December 14th I am inviting 12 women to join me in Oakland,California for The Final Temptress Masterclass of 2018.

On our retreat you’ll learn how to:

slow down when your body needs a break without feeling guilty

express what’s on your mind & heart freely without inhibition

tap into your unique expression of sensuality without comparison or judgement

refuel your sense of confidence daily so you can show up and show out in your life

We’ll do that by moving our bodies,working through guided journal prompts and getting back in touch with our sensuality.


“So I’ve still been processing this last class. It was just so beautiful. Truly. What resonated with me most was use of the Alice Smith version of “I put a spell on you”, tied with the dance, and watching you dance your story. The lyrics of that song, being slowed down and all of the emotion in it in context to our class, didn’t feel like it was talking to a lover. It felt like My spirit essence/ talking to physical body, connecting through dance and that song. Speaking to that critical voice we all have and saying I am mine. Stop the things you do, I love you ANYHOW, I’m yours RIGHT NOW. It also felt like God talking to me. It was otherworldly. I still don’t have all the words.” -Oakland 2018

The Temptress Masterclass is three hours and it is designed for all movement abilities, shapes, sizes, backgrounds - with beginners in mind especially. The class includes an invigorating warm up, choreography and play/improv time group and solo.

What’s all included in your purchase of The Temptress Masterclass:

  • (1) 3 Hour Sensual Moving Meditation Experience

  • (1) Pre-Recorded Coaching Call on “Awakening Your Most Audacious Self”

  • A 30 Day Sensual Self-Care Calendar

  • (1) 30 Minute Moving Meditation Pre-Recorded

  • (1) 10 Minute Audio Coaching Class

  • Journal Prompts & Reflection Worksheet

Masterclass Investment: $350

Upcoming Classes:

  • Friday, December 14th 7-10 PM Oakland, CA

  • Our space is located in West Oakland/Jack London Square (Exact Address Sent To Registered Attendees Only.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I wear?

    • You should wear comfortable clothes. This is an introductory experience to sensual floorwork and moving meditation. So you’ll want to bring leggings, knee pads (If you have concerns about knee issues), a shirt and a sweater. If you want to spice up your attire please feel free to bring additional items that make you feel good such as harnesses, thongs/gstrings, dresses, lingerie etc. The point is to feel good but since this is a beginner experience leggings and comfortable shirt will work just fine. We will be on the floor so just know we will get dirty. Please do not wear jeans or restrictive attire.

  • What is the cost of the class?

    • $199 Expires 11/29

    • $275 12/1-12/7

    • $350 12-7 - Door (Based on Availability)

  • What will the class consist of in terms of exercises?

    • The class will include a brief introduction/icebreaker, warm up, choreography, group and solo improvisation.

  • I don’t have any dance experience should I still attend?

    • YES.

  • What if I need to transfer my ticket to another date?

    • Perfectly fine. There is a $55 transfer fee and this will be credited to your account. When it’s time to register for your next class you will have to do so manually. The orignal amount paid for the class (minus the transfer fee) will be issued as a credit towards the cost of a future experience. Please note that do not offer refunds for any reason other than cancellation on my end due to concerns outside of weather conditions.

  • What if I want to give my ticket to my friend because I can’t make it?

    • Perfectly fine! We welcome your friend. There is a $55 transfer fee to gift a ticket to a friend. We do ask for ID at the door during registration.

  • What if I am late what’s the latest I can still get into class?

    • Doors will close for each class no later than 7:20 on the dot. No one will be granted admission after this time. Refunds are not issued due to poor timing or lack of attendance.

  • Where will the class be located?

    • The location for the class in Oakland will be sent out on December 5th 2018. We are looking to host in the downtown Oakland area for those of you wondering where to book housing during your travels for the workshop.

  • Will the class be filmed? Can I opt out of being in photos & videos?

    • The class will be filmed. With your ticket purchase you agree to be documented in the course. If you would like to opt out of photos and videos we suggest you contact us to book a private session at support@reclaimingyoursexy.com

  • What do I need to bring with to class beyond clothes?

    • A journal and pen. Knee pads if you have concerns about knee issues.

  • How old do I need to be in order to attend class?

    • Must be 21 years or older to attend class.

  • Is it okay to have a class of wine prior to attending class to losen up a bit?

    • I request that all students come to class sober. We do ask guests to leave that cause disruption to the space.