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Unleashed: The Mastermind

What’s the story you tell yourself about your life? Are you wanting more?

Do you find yourself shrinking away from the things you love? Making excuses for not seeing your friends? Embarrassed to tell your girls how many times ya’ll have talked about couples counseling… divorce? Craving to reclaim all the parts of your life and let’s not forget your orgasm. All this while also doing the work you want to do in the world, may seem like more than you can bear.

You’re captivating, and people are often left wondering, “How do you keep going?” I’m here to tell you, your work ethic is insane AND genius. You don’t have to shape shift the dream or the vision. You can answer your calling, and show up for your family. You can have a big mission AND make time for play. You don’t have to sacrifice pleasure to live in your purpose. What if your pleasure is the fuel that will sustain that dream?

UNLEASHED is an invitation to rewrite your story and show up for a life, not just to survive, but to thrive. Our focus is to strategize and focus your lifestyle priorities around  your vision, pleasure, rest, and success.

In Unleashed you’ll learn my practical tools to help you:

  • Identify patterns of self-doubt, jealousy, and avoidance.

  • Create a lifestyle + career schedule that allows for you to play and rest.

  • Reconnect to your body without inhibition or shame.

  • Reignite your self-confidence and awaken your inner temptress.

  • Feel more comfortable being assertive in life and bed.

  • Release stress and tension from the body through curated movement practices designed for your body.

  • Ask for what you want and desire without holding back.

  • Walk into rooms without shrinking, hiding, or shapeshifting for other people’s comfort.

  • Deepen your connection to your feminine wisdom + sensuality as a power source.

As a member of the mastermind you get exclusive access to my personal coaching practice, weekend intensives to refresh your self-care practice and more. Each program is customized to fit your needs and goals. Our consultation session is designed to articulate a plan, gather tools, and get into action.

The Mastermind Includes:

  • In person and distance private coaching

  • Week-long immersion retreat

  • Quarterly weekend intensives

  • Monthly group coaching

  • Access to weekly office hours

  • Masterclasses with guest experts

  • Sensual self-care library + gifts

  • Online movement studio access

  • Self study guides and digital resources

2019 - 2020 Upcoming Immersions + Intensives:

  1. Albany, NY: July 26 - 28

  2. San Rafael, CA: September 26 - 29

  3. Location TBA: December 14 - 16

  4. Location TBA January 24 - 26, 2020

  5. Locaiton TBA: September 21st-28th 2019

Ready to start the journey? Here are your next steps.

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  2. An enrollment form and link to book your session will be sent in a separate communication, after step 1 has been completed to the email you used to book your consultation.

  3. Let’s talk about it!

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact: support@reclaimingyoursexy.com.

Unleashed Mastermind Consultation

Rashida KhanBey Miller