What Is Your Dynamic Story?

One thing that I love most about creating is watching the joy on everyone’s face, when the final elements sink together. Telling dynamic stories is the fuel that keeps me up at night, and hungry to get started in the morning.

My name is Rashida KhanBey Miller - you can call me Rashi. As an actor, visual director, producer, teaching artist and motivational speaker, I have centered my work around creating spaces + experiences where all of our unique stories can be held.

Our work together will help you:

  • Get around the negative self-talk that stops you from showing up on stage and in life.

  • Reconnect to a deeper sense of awareness in your body for more self-trust, confidence and strength.

  • Honing in on your authentic sensual expression without feeling oversexualized or fetishized.

  • Owning your voice and actually using it to create what you want in the world.

  • Balancing self-care and ambition so you don’t burnout while creating dynamic work.

  • Unlearning the old narratives around our sexuality so we can live + create dyanmic media that shape shifts the way our culture sees sex, intimacy, pleasure, and our bodies.

How I Do This:

  • Teaching/Speaking about dance and storytelling as a vehicle for healing self-doubt, and owning your presence in life and on stage.

  • Concept creation + development for music videos, ad campaigns, stage productions, tv and film.

  • Ideate and develop your brand portfolio. This service is available to (pre) pro-artists by invitation only.

  • Intimacy coordination + direction for theatre, film, and tv.

Ready to start working together? Check out my available services and complete a consultation form below.

If you have any questions after you review, please email, support@reclaimingyoursexy.com and my support team will take care of you.